PREORDER: Twoo Wuv Laz/Jasmine Mayfield Regulators Keychain

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I am incredibly lucky to have been given permission to sell these keychains of Leah Briere's awesome couple, Laz and Jasmine! If you love the Mayfield Regulators like I do, you know that Laz and Jas are unendingly funny and cute, and you need them in a heart frame with you at ALL TIMES.

A portion of each sale will go back to Leah!

NOTE: THIS IS A PREORDER! These will be delivered in HOPEFULLY late March. Orders placed before January 12th have precedence.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, our manufacturing has been delayed. I am not sure when we will receive these keychains but I will keep you updated on this page. Thank you for your patience.