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Tales from Treehollow: Timmothy's Folly

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When the Follybrook corgis conduct their business in Treehollow, Head Councilman Timmothy struggles between his ideals and reality, and trying to do his best for all parties involved.
Starring Patron Cameos: Tagg (Taggianto), Danger (Danger), Timmothy (TimmoWarner), Trisha (Whyaylooh), and Stoker (StokerBramwell).
Originally Distributed: October 2020

This patron-sponsored PDF contains 5 pages of the canon bonus comic Timmothy's Folly, written by Caytlin Vilbrandt and drawn by Grey White! It also contains behind-the-scenes artwork ready for you to peruse.

Every month, patrons supporting Tamberlane at $5 or more get a new 5-page bonus comic that showcases lore, characters, or worldbuilding of the Tamberlane world!

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