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Tales from Treehollow: Tainted

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When Cur runs away again, the Treehollow Council must figure out how to aid him. They can only hope that his social worker, Lizette, has some idea to help the young cub out.
Starring Patron Cameos: Lizette (Lizette), Cur (Chaon), Honey (Ashley Nichols), Timmothy (TimmoWarner), Bleddyn (Dorian Inman).
Originally Distributed: February 2020


This patron-sponsored PDF contains 5 pages of the canon bonus comic Tainted, written by Caytlin Vilbrandt and drawn by Minty Messerly! It also contains a behind-the-scenes about the Treehollow Council, and an illustrated short story about belonging by Ari "Metajoker" Borhanian!

Every month, patrons supporting Tamberlane at $5 or more get a new 5-page bonus comic or story that showcases lore, characters, or worldbuilding of the Tamberlane world!

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