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Tales from Treehollow: The Wild Walligog

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Jason tells (or sings) a grand and extremely believable tale of adventure, a mysterious monster, and TREASURE to Piper and Anthony. How did the Guppy and her crew make it home?
Starring Patron Cameos: Jason (Ryan Vilbrandt), Winnie (Third), Artie & Hattie (Lightfox Lowell), Captain Gillian (Hindae)
Originally Distributed: April 2021
This patron-sponsored PDF contains 5 pages of the canon bonus comic The Wild Walligog, written by Ari "Metajoker" Noble and drawn by Scott Fraser! It also contains behind-the-scenes artwork and commentary, a rendition of The Wild Walligog song, and timelapse videos of Scott drawing the comic pages.

Every month, patrons supporting Tamberlane at $5 or more get a new 5-page bonus comic or story that showcases lore, characters, or worldbuilding of the Tamberlane world!

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