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Goodnight/Sleep Tight Double-Sided Acrylic Keychain

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Precious babies, floating on a cloud: that's what sweet dreams are made of. This charming double-sided acrylic keychain features both Belfry the Bat and Tamberlane the Baby having a pleasant and restful sleep. If you need a good luck charm for sleeping, maybe hang this little keychain above your bed, or take it with you anywhere you might need a nap!

This clear acrylic keychain is 2.5" and made from recycled, end-of-life plastic, with an eco-friendly, biodegradable cellophane bag. It comes with either a special heart or star keychain clasp, and three adorable dangling stars to complete the effect! Its protective plastic coating should keep the reverse image safe from typical wear and tear, though it will not stand up to aggressive hard wear.