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Tales from Treehollow: A Glow in the Dark

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A Wulfnacht Special: Ainsley struggles with seasonal depression when out shopping for Wulfnacht gifts with Oakewood.
Starring Patron Cameos: Reno (DireTaco), Isaiah (Nolan "Note Worthy" Slover), Jonas (Jonas), John (Long John), Wanderer (Jared Dark), and Puck (Codesign).
Originally Distributed: December 2020


This patron-sponsored PDF contains 5 pages of the canon bonus comic A Glow in the Dark, written by Caytlin Vilbrandt and drawn by Jonas! It also contains behind-the-scenes artwork, an extra comic about Wulfnacht, lore about the holiday, and commentary for you to peruse. There's even a song included, written and performed by Ari "Metajoker" Borhanian!

Every month, patrons supporting Tamberlane at $5 or more get a new 5-page bonus comic or story that showcases lore, characters, or worldbuilding of the Tamberlane world!

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