Where's my RadioDust keychain?

Hey all! Thanks so much for your patience. I know 2020 has been a bizarre and frustrating year, and this is just another part of it.

Why were the keychains delayed?

March 2020

First, the keychains were ordered when COVID first hit, so it took a while for the manufacturer to get to the order while they reevaluated their processes, went on lockdown, and so forth, so that delayed things quite a bit.

June 2020

The order was finally processed! Manufacturing had resumed and we were in the long list of things to be done. My middleman was excited, I was excited, everyone was excited!

The box arrived on my doorstep. I ordered postage to mail everyone their packages. I opened the box and...

Well, I had ordered 75 RadioDust keychains, and 10 of a separate design I wanted. Instead I got 10 RadioDust keychains, and 75 of the other design. Yikes!

So my middleman went to bat for me and got things straightened out. The manufacturer promised to make it right. I refunded the postage I'd bought. Sigh.

August 2020

I'm told that the order is on its way! Excitement is up again! My middleman receives the box and... they made the same dumb mistake.

This time the manufacturer swears they'll get it right. The re-order is folded into the next merchandise order my middleman is making, due in October.

October 2020

The order is submitted. My re-order of the RadioDust keychains is in. At this point, I just want everyone to have their freakin' keychains! We're ready for everything to go forward! But...

November 2020

... The manufacturer is delaying orders for the moment, presumably because they're moving facilities so everything is on hold.

December 2020

12/2: The group order it's a part of has been shipped to my middleman! It will arrive by December 9th (hopefully), and will be inspected for proper quantity. If all goes well, they'll then be shipped to me. Cross your fingers!

12/11: It does not appear it's actually shipped. Once again they've stopped responding to my middleman, so Cat has insisted on refunds. Given the manufacturer's past record, this will either result in a refund or them actually doing their dang jobs and sending out the order. Only time will tell.

Other small merch biz folks: the manufacturer is Vograce. Why they're falling down on this particular job, I have no idea; usually they're great. But beware, I guess???

12/18: Just got an update from Cat:

Okay so here's where we're at! They begged for one last chance...so I gave them one last chance because i hate myself. I've told them if everything ships on the 21st then we're good. They promised me the remade charms will be shipping the 21st so I told them if they can do the lanyards then as well then I won't force the refund

(This order has been tacked onto a lanyard order from Vograce that's been forgotten, so that's what that's about.) So... cross your fingers. Maybe I'll even get the RadioDust keychains by the end of the year? Not holding my breath lmao

12/22: They...shipped!!!! Everyone cross your fingers AND toes for the correct charms arriving at Cat's doorstep soon!

12/30: They...arrived at the middleman!!!! AND THEY STILL WEREN'T THERE! My poor middleman is getting a refund back. Once the refund is back, I'm gonna order from another manu. The keychains will not have the silver frame around it. But it will be full of good good RadioDust still. :P

If you want a refund, I totally get it. Please send me an email at artist@cvilbrandt.com with your PayPal information or other info and I will refund you ASAP. (These poor poor preorders were placed so long ago now that I can't refund via Shopify's system. -weeps-)

If you'd rather hold tight, I'll see what I can do to get you your charm as soon as humanly (demonly?) possible!!

January 2021

1/11: The refund from Vograce came through, and I've ordered a new batch from Juno Charms. Hopefully these will come through safely and in good quality! Though they won't have the metal frames, they're still heart-shaped, I got it with stars holo on the front side, and a rose-gold heart clasp. The order was placed earlier this week and hopefully they'll get here by end of March. (Big ol' February break for Chinese New Years at the manufacturer, and all!)

February 2021

2/12: Despite a brief and harrowing blip with my middleman, the keychains are HERE!!!! All I'm waiting on now is a few little extra goodies I want to include as thanks for waiting. Those have been shipped and are expected to arrive hopefully sometime in the next 10 days.

Look at how pretty they are!

As you can see in the last photo there, I do have a small handful of the original design in the gold frame: 9 of them to be exact.

Please contact me at artist@cvilbrandt.com with your order number if you:

  • Don't want to wait for extra goodies and just want me to send you your dang keychain.
  • Want me to send you the old design instead of the new one (first come, first served)
  • Want a refund or to cancel your order. (In this case, please include a PayPal address I can refund your money to. The orders are now too old to refund through Shopify.)
  • Want to edit your order to include more or fewer keychains.

Thank you all for your patience on this endless saga. I hope you enjoy your RadioDust!


2/23/21: I fulfilled them all over the weekend and got them to the mail carriers on Monday. They're on their way!

A couple of people asked for the old version, but not enough to take all 9, so I distributed the rest randomly amongst orders.

I hope that they arrive safely! If you do not receive yours, and your tracking number says it should be delivered, please let me know and I'll send it again.

Thank you again for all your patience. I'm thrilled to have this stuff in your hands now. I hope you enjoy them!

Last Updated: February 23, 2021