Where's my RadioDust keychain?

Hey all! Thanks so much for your patience. I know 2020 has been a bizarre and frustrating year, and this is just another part of it.

Why were the keychains delayed?

March 2020

First, the keychains were ordered when COVID first hit, so it took a while for the manufacturer to get to the order while they reevaluated their processes, went on lockdown, and so forth, so that delayed things quite a bit.

June 2020

The order was finally processed! Manufacturing had resumed and we were in the long list of things to be done. My middleman was excited, I was excited, everyone was excited!

The box arrived on my doorstep. I ordered postage to mail everyone their packages. I opened the box and...

Well, I had ordered 75 RadioDust keychains, and 10 of a separate design I wanted. Instead I got 10 RadioDust keychains, and 75 of the other design. Yikes!

So my middleman went to bat for me and got things straightened out. The manufacturer promised to make it right. I refunded the postage I'd bought. Sigh.

August 2020

I'm told that the order is on its way! Excitement is up again! My middleman receives the box and... they made the same dumb mistake.

This time the manufacturer swears they'll get it right. The re-order is folded into the next merchandise order my middleman is making, due in October.

October 2020

The order is submitted. My re-order of the RadioDust keychains is in. At this point, I just want everyone to have their freakin' keychains! We're ready for everything to go forward! But...

November 2020

... The manufacturer is delaying orders for the moment, presumably because they're moving facilities so everything is on hold.

So when can I expect my keychain?

God, I wish I knew. It's been a comedy of errors all around. HOPEFULLY before the end of the year. Thank you so much for your patience. I'll keep this page updated as I get more information.

Last Updated: November 13, 2020