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Anxiety Day Planner Notepad

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Do you have to psych yourself up for phone calls? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer avalanche of tasks you have yet to deal with? Do you find yourself struggling to get anything done at all through the fog of adulting anxiety? Then this planner was designed with you in mind.

With the help of years of research and testing from an anxious brain of my own, I designed this day planner to help me get through each day. It follows proven principles such as:

  • Keeping your to-do list to one accomplishable goal
  • Breaking a task into smaller parts
  • Rewarding progress more than completion
  • Getting the worst part out of the way first

It may not seem like many tasks to tackle in a day, but by keeping your schedule small and manageable, you can make headway in even the most daunting of tasks!


This tear-away day planner is 8.5" x 5.5" and contains 50 pages.