PREORDER: RadioDust Hazbin Hotel Heart-Frame Keychains

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Are you a Hazbean?

Do you love incredibly improbable pairings?

Then have I got the keychain for you!

Enjoy this lovingly framed heart-shaped double-sided keychain of Angel Dust and Alastor from Hazbin Hotel! The, ahem, fun-loving spider has gotten himself in a little deeper than he intended with the freaky-deaky radio demon Alastor!

NOTE: THIS IS A PREORDER! These will be delivered when they arrive. Any items ordered alongside your keychains will be delayed and shipped when the keychains go out. Orders placed before January 12th have precedence.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, our manufacturing has been delayed. I am not sure when we will receive these keychains but I will keep you updated on this page. Thank you for your patience.

4/14 - Still no word from the manufacturer when these will be done. They're working on them, but they're struggling with a high volume of orders and backup.

4/23 - They have shipped from the manufacturer and should arrive at our middleman on May 1st. Shortly after, they'll be shipped along to me and I will ship them to you! Expect your keychains by end of May. Thank you for your patience!

5/12 - We have received the shipment! ... Unfortunately, they mixed up the order quantities and we only got a tiny amount of RadioDust. We're waiting on the manufacturer to fix their mistake and then will mail out the orders. So sorry, folks!! Current shipping date is TBD!