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Tamberlane: Chapter 1 PDF Digital Comic

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Rated PG.

This breathtaking comic book follows the first chapter in the story of Tamberlane, a lost human child in the animal town of Treehollow. In this chapter, teenaged bat Belfry finds a strange creature in Rattleglen Forest and, against opposition from her parents, decides to adopt her. Fix yourself a nice cup of tea, lose yourself in the beautifully rendered comic pages, and enjoy this heartwarming story.

This PDF is currently out of date compared to the recently edited pages. When the revised version of this ebook is released, all folks who have received this version will get the updated version automatically in the email they used to purchase it.


The Tamberlane Deluxe Edition contains 42 pages of comic and a robust section full of concept art and commentary, Q&A questions of the cast, and fanart! Comes in a DRM-free PDF.

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