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Tamberlane: Chapter 1 PDF Digital Comic

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Rated PG.

This breathtaking comic book follows the first chapter in the story of Tamberlane, a lost human child in the animal town of Treehollow. In this chapter, teenaged bat Belfry finds a strange creature in Rattleglen Forest and, against opposition from her parents, decides to adopt her. Fix yourself a nice cup of tea, lose yourself in the beautifully rendered comic pages, and enjoy this heartwarming story.

This perfect-bound deluxe copy of chapter one has been designed with true afficionados in mind: with gold foil accents on the cover, a luxuriously thick paper to bring out the true colors of the comic, and even a substantial section in the back on the creation and world-building of Tamberlane.


The Tamberlane Deluxe Edition contains 42 pages of comic and a robust section full of concept art and commentary, Q&A questions of the cast, and fanart! Comes in a DRM-free PDF.

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